Glaucoma is so much more serious than just aging eyes.

Glaucoma has become an increasingly common ailment in the senior community, so much so that it has been disregarded by some as normal and just part of aging. However, glaucoma is so much more serious than just “aging eyes” glaucoma is a very serious ailment and one that all seniors and their caregivers need to lookout for. Glaucoma is a group of different diseases that can damage the optic nerve in the eye. This condition is so serious it can cause permanent vision loss and even complete blindness. It is one of the most preventable causes of vision loss and one of the leading causes of legal blindness today. While it tends to be genetic, this condition is most common in seniors age 60 and over.

There is no cure for glaucoma, the only way to preserve your vision if you do have this condition is to diagnose the issue early on. There are medications and surgery that can stop further vision loss and help preserve existing vision. There are not many symptoms of glaucoma, and typically they include slight vision loss. Many seniors unfortunately, often feel as those these small changes are just part of aging and normal changes when in all reality, they are quite serious. One of the most common vision changes that seniors with glaucoma tend to have is losing their peripheral or side vision.